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An empty bag might or might not be extremely gentle and foldable to a small sizing. If it is, This is often hassle-free for carrying it to your location the place it is needed, like a store, and for storage of empty bags.

two. a quantity of fish or sport caught. Did you get a fantastic bag nowadays? vangs قنيص، محصول قَنيص، مَحْصول الصَّيْد лов cota úlovek die (Jagd-)Beute fangst ψαριά partida, cacería, captura kalasaak, jahisaak شکار saalis pêche, chasseשלל उभरना ulov zsákmány hasil tangkapan veiði, fengur carniere 獲物 수렵량 laimikis medījums; loms hasil vangstfangstzdobycz ښکار apanha cantitate de vânat/de pes­cuit улов, добыча úlovok ulov ulov jaktbyte, fångst จำนวนปลาหรือสัตว์ที่ล่าได้ av 漁獲,獵獲物 улов; здобич ایک دن کے شکار کی کل مقدار mẻ săn 猎获物

→ ちょっと私のかばんを見張っていただけますか? → 잠깐만 제 가방을 봐 주시겠어요? → Kunt u even op mijn tas letten? → Kunne du passe på vesken min et øyeblikk? → Czy mógłby Panprzez chwilę popilnować mój bagaż? → O senhor poderia vigiar minha bagagem por um minuto, por favor? → Не могли бы Вы минутку посмотреть за моей сумкой? → Skulle ni kunna vakta min väska ett ögonblick? → คุณช่วยดูกระเป๋าให้ฉันสักครู่หนึ่งได้ไหม? → Bir dakikalığına çantama göz kulak olur musunuz lütfen? → Bạn làm ơn trông giúp tôi cái túi một chút được không? → 请帮我照应着我的包

bag it Slang 1. To stop participating in an exercise: Ultimately in disgust I explained to my debating opponent to bag it.

Handbags can be a significant Portion of any outfit, Nonetheless they’re not the only accent which can Possess a major impact on your seem. Store eBay for your sun shades like Oakleys and Ray-Bans, scarves, wallets and other equipment that enable to tie every thing jointly!

Bags have been around for hundreds of years and have been used by both men and girls. Bags happen to be prevalent way back to historic Egypt. Lots of hieroglyphs depict males with luggage tied all-around their midsection. The Bible mentions pouches, Primarily with regards to Judas Iscariot carrying just one all over, Keeping his personalized objects.

steal - acquire with no proprietor's consent; "Somebody stole my wallet on the coach"; "This creator stole total paragraphs from my dissertation"

A bag (also regarded regionally like a sack) is a standard Device in the form of the non-rigid container. The use of luggage predates recorded heritage, With all the earliest luggage currently being no more than lengths of animal pores and skin, cotton, or woven plant fibers, folded up at the edges and secured in that condition with strings of the identical product.[1]

A sac in animal bodies, that contains some fluid or other substance. the bag of poison during the mouth of some serpents

container - any object which can be accustomed to keep things (Specifically a considerable metal boxlike object of standardized Proportions which might be loaded from a single sort of transportation to another)

eBay’s considerable selection of new and pre-owned handbags consists of options for each and every type and condition. And with selling prices to suit any budget, it's not necessary to split the financial institution to shop just like a fashionista.

A backpack equipped in your personal slot can be opened by pressing the ‘B’ key. You can change the key with your controls.

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a homeless woman who carries close to along with her all her possessions, generally in searching luggage. Bag ladies typically slumber on benches in public parks and railway stations. bergie, hawelose, boemelaar المُتَشَرِّدات، نِساءُ check these guys out الحَقائِب бездомна жена mendiga bezdomovkyně die Obdachlose posedame άστεγη γυναίκα που μεταφέρει τα υπάρχοντά της σε σακούλες mujer indigente kodutu naine پیرزن بی خانمان kassi-alma clocharde אִישָׁה חַסרַת בָּיִת बेघर महिला prosjakinja hajléktalan nő wanita gelandangan (donna senzatetto che porta in giro con sé le tutte sue cose) ホームレスの女性 (미 속어) 여자 마약 장수 nešuliais apsikrovusi valkata bezpajumtniece perempuan yang tiada tempat berteduh zwerfsteruteligger, hjemløs kvinne bezdomna żebraczka بي كوره ښځه женщина-бомж bezdomovkyňa beračica beskućnica kvinnlig uteliggare, baglady หญิงจรจัด kadın berduş 將家當(裝在袋裡)帶在身上的女遊民 старчиха بے آسرا خاتون người phụ nữ vô gia cư 露宿街头的无家可归的女人,女流浪者

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